Infinate Maybe

Event: Infinate Maybe

Presented By: Ayden Gallery

Artists: Lani Imre, Peter Taylor, Milan Basic, Melk

Date: Friday, November 27, 2009

Time: 7pm-11pm

Address: 88 West Pender


I recently reviewed ARTrageous ’09. One of the stand outs that I noticed was Lani Imre. She seems to create characters with almost a comic book feel, but adds a very sexual and urban style to her paintings giving these characters more depth than you expect upon first looking at her works.  Please check out more of her works at I first came across Milan Basic at the Brave Art Whistler show last year. His works have an urban influence to them, you can see his beginnings as a graffiti artist come out in his works, but he has evolved to invoke so much more than traditional hip hop or urban styles in his works. You can tell he is growing as an artist and I am looking forward to seeing what he has produced since last year. In addition to some amazing art Erica Dee aKa Dee Selectress will be providing the background music, if you can call Erica’s music background music. I am sure she will be getting just as much attention as the paintings on the walls. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Confirm your attendance here.


Some of Lani Imre’s stand outs in my opinion

Erica Dee


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