Priestess For Those Who Like It Hard


Headliner Artist: Priestess

Opening Acts: Trigger Effect and Early Man

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Venue: Commadore Ballroom

Tickets available here.


Well all I can say is FINALLY. First off finally Priestess has dropped their new album “Prior to the Fire“, four years is a long time to wait. Secondly, finally they will be touring through Vancouver again, it’s only been a year, but heck for a show like this that IS a long time to wait. If you have been to see Priestess at the Commadore before then you already know what kind of a show your in for. Last years performance with 3 Inches of Blood was out of control. Speaking of which I have to mention how great 3 Inches of Blood was at that show. It felt like I was watching early Maiden when the giant flags came out flying high and taking a quick glance around at their hardcore following. It was my the first time seeing 3 Inches of Blood in anything but a dive bar, and although seeing them play the Legion in Tofino is it’s own great experience you could really tell they were feeding off the energy at this show and it was coming across in their performance (see video below). Alright let’s get back on topic here… Priestess. Priestess’s debut album “Hello Master” was the first metal album I had listened to in a while and enjoyed it from start to finish and continue to have it on heavy rotation. After the success of their first album as well as being recognized by their piers, ie. Dinosaur Jr., Motorhead,  and Mastadon to name a few, they were able to sign with RCA. Next after some time they were able to land Dave Schiffman (Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta) as their producer. They hit the studios and recorded an album that they were happy with, but RCA did not see any radio friendly singles and asked them to return to the studios. Priestess held their ground and basically said “No” and left RCA. Although this is a rarity the band and the label left each other on good terms and Mikey Heppner was quoted saying “To their credit, and this is something that I will forever hold RCA in the highest esteem for doing this,” Heppner says, “they let us keep the record that they paid for, so whoever else would end up putting it out won’t have to flip the bill. They kind of ate the money they spent on it.” Now you got to admit that is pretty decent of them, especially because if they hadn’t we probably would have been waiting even longer for Priestess’s sophomore album and it wouldn’t have been true to their vision. That vision that resulted in “Prior to the Fire” was well worth the wait. The album was finally released under Montreal’s Indica here in Canada, while Tee Pee will release it in the US. Now I could go on and review the album, but I will admit I am probably not a big enough metal head to do it justice so for that I’m turning to, so check out the review here. Well the wait for the new material is over and the show is quickly approaching, see you all there.

Priestess’ first single from “Prior to the Fire”

Oldie but a goodie

Early Man

3 Inches of Blood at Commadore Ballroom 2008



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