Dead Man’s Bones – Ryan Gosling finally does something after breaker high

Alright funny heading, but Ryan Gosling really is a great actor and now a great musician. I am sure the majority of you don’t remember YTV’s Breaker High anyway… So we all know that Disney own’s and runs almost the entire world, even Communist China has a Disney World… think it’s a coincidence… I think not. Also why do you think that Britney Spears is still in our lives almost every day even though she really does nothing of any importance anymore, or really ever did. It’s all part of their master plan… Ok I’m getting off topic here, we will cover Disney’s world domination another time. How did I get here again oh yeah Dead Man’s Bones and Ryan Gosling, well Ryan used to be a Mickey Mouse Club Member, for those of you that didn’t know. By the looks of the video I posted below (do yourself a favor and fast forward to 1:45 into the video) Ryan almost became part of one of Disney’s boy band/killer assassins groups, like fellow member JT. I think the only reason he was saved from this fate is because he’s Canadian, we are harder to brainwash. I’m sure it’s true, look it up, Google it, I’m too lazy. So luckily he escaped the grasps of Disney World because even though he did take part in such embarrassing projects as “Breaker High“, “Young Hercules“, and “The Mickey Mouse Club” he has taken a turn for the better and has taken part in such projects as “The Believer“, “Half Nelson“, and “Lars and the Real Girl” and now “Dead Man’s Bones“. The debut self titled album is the brain child of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields and was released on  October 6, 2009, just in time for a couple pre-Halloween performances. Which is fitting considering the ghoulish feel to Dead Man’s Bones’ music. After listening to the album the first time I felt like Glen Danzig, Dracula, and The Big Bopper had a love child together. I’m not sure if that will make any sense to any of you but that’s what went through my head. Musically the album is very striped down with simplistic riffs and heavy drum beats on the tom tom drums, but has a much grander feeling to it with the help of a full choir. The music has an up beat feel to it much like that of music from a simpler time… the 50’s, but with a very dark overtone. I can not say how much this all appeals to the my personal music tastes. I really was not expecting to be blown away by Ryan Gosling’s first album, but I honestly was. The whole album is strong all the way through but the stand outs for me were ” Pa Pa Power”, “Dead Man’s Bones”, “Lose Your Soul”, “My Body is a Zombie for You”, and “In the Room Where You Sleep”, which is almost the entire album… you get the idea. I recently saw the band at Venue and was thoroughly impressed. The set design and costume design was very fitting with the music. The show stopper came in the form of one of the grade 11 student choir members. Jane Agyeman blew everyone away when performing her solo part in the cover of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. The sell out crowd went nuts as it was one of those moments where you hear someone sing and it sends chills down your spine. I think even the band was taken aback. My only complaint of the whole night was that Ryan’s fame took away from the performance, as you had to listen to groupie girls that were not there for the music, talk about how hot Ryan was during the sets and then yell various intelligent things at him between songs such as “We love you Ryan” and “Take off your shirt”. I did not allow this to get to me though and enjoyed every minute of the show as Ryan and Zach and the choir of Carson Graham secondary all proved themselves to be great performers.  Please take the time to watch some of the videos below, you will not be disappointed.


~ by vanscene on November 25, 2009.

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