Zero 7 Plays the Commadore December 13th


Artist: Zero 7

Venue: Commodore Ballroom

Date: Sunday, December 13, 2009


Touring for their fourth and newest album “Yeah Ghost“, Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker will be gracing the stage of the Commodore Ballroom. Zero 7 known for their downbeat and chill out sounds have created a more up beat style for their last two albums, “Yeah Ghost” and “The Garden“. This should make for a more energy filled show, getting our feet moving, but I am sure they will also play some of their hits from “Simple Things” and “When it Falls” for those of you looking forward to enjoying a head bobbing session in a smoky haze. Also sure to be on the bill will be some of their remixes. Bins and Hardaker made their start in the world of remixes and have stayed true to this by continually releasing remixes of their own work as well as working with others such as, Radiohead, Lenny KravitzSneaker Pimps and Lambchop to name a few. Although Zero 7 has had many vocalists contribute to their albums most notably though, would be Sia Furler and José González. Sia has been a contributor on serveral tracks for Zero 7 over the years, but did not make an appearance on “Yeah Ghost” due to work on her own upcoming solo album as well as her work with Christina Aguilera. José González also did not appear on “Yeah Ghost”, but 3 new talents have, Eska Mtungwazi (on “Mr McGee”, “Medicine Man”, “Sleeper”, and “The Road”), Martha Tilston (on “Pop Art Blue”), Jackie Daniels (on “Swing”), Rowdy Superstar (on “Sleeper”). Also Binns himself sings again on “Yeah Ghost” (on “Everything Up (Zizou)”.  This should be a great show and hopefully we will have all recovered from Kid Cudi’s appearance on Friday by then.

Enjoy some videos below:



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