Infinate Maybe Follow Up

Well if you missed the opening night event on Friday, you can still check out the works of Lani Imre, Peter Taylor, Milan Basic, and Melk at Ayden Galleries located in Tinseltown on the second floor from now until January 3,  2010. Check for hours of operation. The show was a great success with a large turn out, good drinks, good music, good people and with many of the artists in attendance, including Lani Imre working on a large scale project for the majority of the night. In addition to the works of the above mentioned artists there are many other pieces showcased by other talented artists. I would love to cover them all, but really you should go check them all out for yourselves. A couple names I would like to cover are Mandy Tsung, Kevin Ledo, Peter Ricq, Kristian Adam, TiFdyL (Taka Sudo), and Ben Tour, all of which I found to be stand outs that night.

Mandy Tsung:

Kevin Ledo:

Peter Ricq:

Kristian Adam:

TiFdyL (Taka Sudo):

Ben Tour:


~ by vanscene on December 2, 2009.

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