Patrick Watson plays Vogue Theater Thursday Dec. 10th

Artist: Patrick Watson

Venue: St. Vogue Theater

Price: $22.50

Date: Thursday, December 10th, 2009.

Doors Open: 7PM

Tickets available here.

Watching a Canadian artist “make it” always gives us, as Canadians a sense of pride…. just don’t get too big or we will hate you. Let that be a warning to you Patrick Watson. The only reason I warn him is because he is bound for big things. This Canadian raised artist’s experimental style mixed with harmonic pop and eerie vocals has brought him critical acclaim after being nominated in 2007 for New Artist of the Year by the Junos, as well as, making the short list for the 2007 Polaris Music Prize and again in 2009 for their album “Wooden Arms“. Now I say “their” because although Patrick Williams started out as a solo artist when he released his first album “Waterproof9”, since then he has put together a 4 piece band and although they are still called Patrick Watson it is more of a band collaboration than a solo artist with the last 3 album releases. Patrick explains: “So we as a band are called Patrick Watson. How it started was that originally, some years ago, we were asked to do some music to accompany a book of photography. Having built a CD to go with all these images we thought it would be fun to do it live and it worked really well and people freaked. We didn’t really think we were gonna be a band at that point but over a period of five or six years we got to a point where it became very difficult to change the name. It was difficult to find a name that suited us especially as we had such an eclectic music style. The second album was a kind of middle point, and now here we are at this third album which is much more song orientated.” The Patrick Watson Band has toured with the likes of The Dears, Feist and James Brown. If you have not heard any of Patrick Watson’s work please listen below, if you have heard of his work then you probably already have your tickets….

I love the opening scene in this video, it takes a downward turn afterwards, but still a strong video:


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