DJ Z-Trip Giving to the Vancouver Food Bank Society

Artist: DJ Z-Trip

Opening Acts: The Freshest, Group Hug, Matty C and Dana D

Venue: Pop Opera

Date: Wednesday December 9, 2009

More info here.

Well for all those who were fortunate enough to get tickets to Kid Cudi’s show on Friday, you can check out DJ Z-Trip at Pop Opera on Wednesday. Tickets are $30 and 100%, yes 100% of ticket sales go to the Vancouver Foodbank Society. So if DJ Z-Trip’s ability to rock a party wasn’t enough to get you out on a Wednesday there’s another reason. You can feel all nice and fuzzy inside knowing you did something to give back while you dance the night away. Think of DJ Z-Trip as the original “Girl Talk“. Now I will note that dress code is apparently “stylish” for Pop Opera, what ever that means, espically where in Vancouver “stylish” is anything you find off a thrift store rack and thick rim glasses with no lenses. So I’m not sure if your supposed to dress down or up or just go as your “stylish” self for this one. I will take this time to go on record to say “I hate dress codes” shame on all you bar owners who enforce dress codes and that’s what really “grinds my gears”, back to you Tom.


~ by vanscene on December 7, 2009.

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