Close Up Video of Kid Cudi Punching Fan

Ok so, everyone was excited to see Kid Cudi come to Vancouver. Being a big fan, myself, I jumped all over tickets as soon as they went on sale and was pumped to have tickets to the sold out show on Friday night at the Commodore Ballroom. On a previous post I wrote how happy I was that he announced a show at the Commodore, so that I wouldn’t have to go to a stadium concert setting, as well as over pay because of Lady GaGa being the headliner. Turns out, may have been wrong… I know it happens.

Ok so the Wednesday show comes and although I was tempted to go check it out, thought I should save my energy for a big weekend and save some money for Christmas presents. So when friends started telling me how bad the show was on Wednesday, I was relieved. You know that kind of relief that you get when everyone is talking about a big party that you can’t go to because you have to work, or look after your Aunts’ 12 cats, but then hear the next day that the party only had 12 people, lasted 30 minutes before the toilet broke, and then the cops came and broke it up. That kind of relief. Although I was not there, this is what I heard about the Wednesday December 9th show… Word came down that Cudi was being “booed” extensively and eventually off stage. Friends were saying that he was too drunk to perform and kept “sitting down” and “lecturing” the crowd, as well as drunkenly rambling on about nonsense. Then a photographer friend of mine, Kaizenvisuals, snapped a perfect photo of Cudi dumping a drink on a fan’s face in the front row. Now despite all this, being a person who often finds himself “inebriated” I thought well he probably woke up on Thursday morning feeling like a douche for letting his fans down and swore off drinking for at least 48 hours, or at the very least planned on redeeming himself during the Friday night show. Turns out he did do some redeeming during the Lady GaGa show, but even then there wasn’t a lot of mention of Cudi when talking to the Lady GaGa concert reviewers. It usually went something along the lines of “yeah Cudi was good, f*ckin Lady GaGa was amazing though…”. So at least hearing that he was good during the Thursday night performance put some of my worries to rest. Turns out though… I was wrong again… I know it happens.

The show kicked off with “Boombox Saints”, now I will not say much about them other than I was embarrassed for them. They definitely had some followers, but for the most part I think most people are like me and are over the “let’s hear you say hip —  hop”, “hip — hop” over and over again. I came here to hear you say “hip hop”, not the really drunk guy next to me. Let’s just say the entire set by the Boombox Saints was less than entertaining and certainly nowhere near the cutting edge of hip hop. I will say the DJ set by DJ Rico Uno was good and he brought the crowd around again after the Boombox Saints’ set. So now the moment everyone has been waiting for Kid Cudi at the Commodore Ballroom, Friday night….

So the set started off well, joints were being lit right left and center,the air became smokey and filled with this familiar   Vancouver smell. Now I try never to get too built up over a show or a movie or anything, because there is nothing worse than thinking something is going to be so great that it could never live up to your expectations. That being said, I think I went there with the same attitude I do with most shows, excited to be going to a show, but not expecting anything more amazing than usual. Unfortunately Cudi’s Friday night show was hardly even memorable, let alone amazing… except for, yes when Kid Cudi jumped off of the stage and punched a fan in the face. Now before this happened there was some booing going on during the show and I myself left the floor several times to get drinks, even hanging out at the bar. Something I have never done at any show at the Commodore. I usually end up buying my friends drinks just so they will have to leave to go get my double rye and gingers so I don’t miss a minute of the show. Like I said though not the case this time. Conversation at the bar was pretty much the same everyone I talked to…. “wow, this is pretty bad”, “this is like background music”, “I don’t think I will remember this concert because the people at the bar are more entertaining than this guy” and so on. The show took an ugly turn in my opinion when one of the members of the Boombox Saints came out onto the stage and said something before being removed by his neck by one of Cudi’s people. I caught part of it, but really at that point was not even paying much attention to the stage anymore. It felt as though Cudi had just given up by that point and I guess it kind of rubbed off on me a bit and I started doing more mingling than watching the glorified lip syncher on stage (ok maybe a little harsh, but you get the idea). I will say, I had a good time, but it was more like listening to Kid Cudi all night at a club than it was watching him perform, and I came there to see him perform. Apparently I wasn’t the only one because one fan decided to throw his wallet on stage… in my mind, and apparently Cudi’s as well, indicating for Cudi to pull $50 out of his wallet for the cost of the ticket and put it in the wallet and return it to the fan. Now it takes a lot for me to boo someone on stage. In all the concerts I have ever been to I think I may have done it once. I know it takes a lot to get up in front of people and perform and I respect that. So although I may have been thinking “man this was not worth $50” at that point I would never do something as prickish as throwing my wallet on stage. Mainly because I would punch someone in the face if they did that to me…. And well that’s exactly what Kid Cudi did. After trying to find out whose wallet it was, Cudi threw it back into the crowd. Now, at that time, I don’t know if the rightful owner of the wallet got his hands on it and was like “wait a minute he didn’t put any money back in it” and threw it back on stage. Or if someone else got their hands on the wallet and were like “this belongs in lost and found” and tried to give it to Cudi to put in the lost and found backstage. Either way, the wallet was thrown back, making Cudi not so happy. So Kid Cudi removed his earpiece and lunged into the crowd throwing a couple quick jabs. Now according to the gentleman that Cudi punched, Michael Sharpe, was not the guy who initially threw the wallet at him and he was merely throwing it back as in “this is not my wallet” gesture. Cudi mistook that gesture and well the rest is video history…. At this point Michael Sharpe, has no intentions of pressing charges, (lucky for Kid Cudi he was in Canada, because if that had of happened in the United States everyone in Michael Sharpe’s family would be suing him for everything from dislocated hips to mental anguish). So needless to say the concert ended early, everyone talked about the incident after and then went on their way to upload photos and video to their Facebook and Youtube accounts. Present company included. 


~ by vanscene on December 15, 2009.

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