Trouble Andrew – In Vancouver to play Garfs in Whistler Jan 10, 2010

Being from Nova Scotia and growing up snowboarding, it’s suffice to say I have been following Trevor Andrews aka Trouble since his early days with Burton. Trouble Andrew aka Trevor Andrew aka TRZA aka Private Joints aka Billy Lotion aka Trev Dirt aka Trev Hollywood was born in Nova Scotia but dropped out of school and moved to the mountains of British Columbia when he was 15 to follow his dream of becoming a pro snowboarder. He managed to realize this dream and so much more. Being a major part of Burton’s team for years and also creating the Burton 7 snowboard and launching their Analog line, he now adds accomplished musician to his resume. Trevor released his first album in 2004 (Gonna be Trouble This Year) after tearing his ACL keeping him off the snow. “Looking back, I’m so thankful for that knee injury because it led me to this part of my life. I moved to Philly to stay with my girlfriend Santi White and rehabilitate my knee.” Santi White aka Santogold encouraged Trevor musically and soon he had a full length album. “Santi got me a 4 track recorder and encouraged me to do something with the songs I was writing. “Chase Money” was the first song I ever wrote in 2004, Uh Oh second, Young Boy came next and so on. I really never planned to release my music. I didn’t even want my songs to be heard. Music was private for me.” Well his music is no longer private and he has come a long way with his second release “DREAMS OF A TROUBLED MAN”. His band the Trouble Gang have helped him refine his sound and take Trouble Andrew in a new direction. The Trouble Gang consists of IAN Longwell aka Big City on drums, programs, and LSD. MASSA aka Nijassa aka Massita bonita on Bass. The Trouble gang also hails fellow Nova Scotian rapper JOFO. Sk8ahollic Jake The Snake. BIG DOUCE on security and fan. And me, TROUBLE ANDREW baby! On the mic. I was out with JOFO on Friday, checking out Scratch Bastid and The Royals at Winter Squared, and he was saying that Trouble had found a studio space to rehearse in Vancouver before heading up to Whistler on Sunday to play Garfs. JOFO also said that he will be heading to California after this show to do a two month tour with Little John. If you find yourself up in Whistler this Sunday I would say Trouble Andrew’s show with JOFO and The Eager Beavers is the place to be. If you can’t make it to the show I would still recommend getting your hands on Trouble Andrews’ music and keeping your eyes on both Trouble and Santigold, these two are a power couple and expect big things from both of them.


~ by vanscene on January 10, 2010.

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