CODE Live Presents Chromeo • Team Canada DJs • Love & Electrik

“Chromeo does the 80s better than the 80s does the 80s”

Artist: Chromeo

Openers: Team Canada DJs and Love and Electrik

Venue: Centre for Digital Media (577 Great Northern Way) MAP

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 9:45pm

Tickets available Online at
Zulu Records / 1972 West 4th Avenue / 604.738.3232
Beat Street / 439 West Hastings Street / 604.683.3344

P-Thugg and the professorial Dave 1 deliver retro-flavoured music that still sounds fresh. The Montreal duo, one of Canada’s fastest rising new acts, has a disco-reborn sound that is dripping with reverb, luxurious harmonies and real-deal songcraft.

Chromeo is Pee Thug and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture. After spending the three years since the release of their debut album, She’s In Control, jet setting, globetrotting, and embarking on an overall sensual conquest of planet Earth, Chromeo headed back to their Montreal lab to put together album number deux.

The result, Fancy Footwork, is quite simply the most smoothed-out, hook-heavy, unabashed lovers’ funk since Chromeo’s last album, actually. What makes this footwork so fancy, you ask? Step the fuck off and open your heart to the finest distillation of Minneapolis groove this side of Mazarati. Dave and Pee are back in the ‘07 to heal the fractured soul of dance music. Teenage lovers, 20 something blogpoders, 30 something burn-out ex-raver “graphic designers” and 40 something sistas can all finally party under one roof…and that roof has a name, AND that roof is on fire, and the only ones who can put out that funk-fire also happen to be the guys the roof is named after: CHROMEO. Does analog synth wizard P-Thugg still rock nightgown-sized DipSet t-shirts, talk through a keyboard, and have the thousand-yard stare of a well-practiced gangster? You bet he fucking does. Does vocalist and guitarist Dave 1 still dress like a French Lit professor from 1965? Can he still ask you to twerk without coming off like an imposter? You better believe he can.

The Team Canada DJs — DR One and DJ Grandtheft — have quickly established themselves as Canada’s top club remixers. Their four-turntable party set mixes tracks that simply do not seem to belong together, but they keep dance floors packed and bouncing at clubs around the world.

Love & Electrik are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul. Together their music takes you to a familiar past: the groove of Nu Shooz to the dripping sex appeal of Minneapolis Funk, the dance vibes of 80’s Freestyle music to the intergalactic synths of Paul Hardcastle, the playfulness of The Jets to the smoothness of the S.O.S Band.


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