The British Columbians, Rich Hope and The Sicks Play Venue Jan 14th

Artists: Rich Hope, The British Columbians, The Sicks

Venue: Venue

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 8:20pm

One of my personal favorite local bands are The British Columbians. They put on an amazing show, are jam packed full of talent and have brought a whole new sound all their own. They are the type of band where no matter who you are, how old you are you can’t help but start tapping your toe when you hear them. Their debut self titled album continues to be a stand out in my music collection. You know when your sitting at home dreaming about being able to create your own music festival and your thinking of who you would invite to really blow the audiences away… well The British Columbians are on that list, as soon as they take stage and Girard Knox starts singing, you are forced to stop and take notice and listen. I can not say enough good things about The British Columbians, if your not in the know, get in the know… Best way to do that will be to show up and see them in action tomorrow night at Venue.

2009 was a good year. Rich Hope and his Evil Doers opened for finally released Rich Hope is Gonna Whip it On Ya and it has ended up on many critics’ ‘Best of” lists for the year:

– When My Light Comes Shining came in at #32 in Shore 104’s top 104 of 2009

– Steve Newton of the Georgia Straight put the album in his top ten albums of the year.

– The Straight also voted “Let’s Jump Around Some” as one of it’s top homegrown songs of the year – With a title that’s as clear a statement of intent as you’ll ever find, this raucous blast of over-driven juke joint boogie wastes little time getting the party started.

– Tom Harrison of the Vancouver Province had this to say about the album in his top ten local faves: Rowdy mix of garage rock, rough R&B, some blues and a smattering of gospel. Hope and his Evil Doers might be a throwback but there is a purity of vision here that has got to be respected.

– And this from Joshua Kloke of BEATROUTE magazine:

Hope takes a trip down memory lane on his debut LP, giving credence to the smoky bars in which the real blues were born. Complete with playful jams and harmonica-infused ditties, Hope and bandmate Adrian Mack make a reverberating case for the blues to occupy a more meaningful place in the common man’s psyche.


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