The British Columbians and Rich Hope Jan 14 Review

First off I have to apologize to The Sicks, I was late getting to the show and only caught the last half of the last song. I am a procrastinator and I have learned to live with the consequences. From what I did hear it seems as though I missed a great set.

Next up the British Columbians played to good sized crowd. Not as big as it should have been because they played an amazing show as usual. The big difference this time around was the addition of a second drum set on stage. This new drummer was amazing to watch, he seemed to be, and probably was, having more fun than anyone else in the Venue. This addition also added to the depth of The British Columbians already amazingly talented sound. Girard Knox was in true form belting out each song and shredding up his guitars like a real rock and roll star. It’s around this time that you take a look around and are always amazed at how many people are just standing, I personally call it the “Vancouver Shuffle”, where people are too afraid or too stoned to let loose and dance at a concert in fear of not looking cool. So they stand there trying to give off the vibe of “well this is cool, but you know I’ve seen cooler”. The British Columbians are putting on an amazing set, rocking your socks off, yet you can easily walk right up in front of the stage and start spinning around with your arms stretched out without fear of hitting anyone. This as amazing to me as the “March of the Penguins” or aurora borealis one of natures many wonders. I complain now, but in a year or two when I can’t get close enough to see them perform because of all the ladies on their boyfriends shoulders flashing Girard I will be eating my words. That all being said there was a lot of dancing and good times going on and you where hard pressed to not see a toe tapping when they played some of their classics like “Bye Bye Marie”, “The Hoodoo” and “Gasoline Handshake”, just not as many as one would expect and I can only fathom that the British Columbians are thinking along the same lines of “we are putting our all into this and I can still see people just standing there”.  They also played two new songs, which sounded amazing and can’t wait to hear them laid down on a new album. All and all another great night with the British Columbians.

Now for any of you that left Venue after the British Columbians set, well you missed out. I’m sure your leaving thinking “I got my moneys worth”, but let me tell you if you had of stayed you would’ve been throwing your wallets on stage. Not in a “give me my money back” Kid Cudi kinda way, but a “here take an extra $50 this show is worth it” kinda way. If there is anyone who can follow up Girard in terms of showmanship and entertainment value it is Rich Hope. This guy steps on stage and just starts a whirlwind circus that doesn’t let up. From the first strum of his guitar he demands the attention of everyone in the crowd. He is true rockabilly at its best. He’s a story teller, a performer, and a rock star all wrapped up in a neat little 2-3 man band. Not since the Black Keys or  The White Stripes have you gotten that much sound and entertainment value out of a 2 man band. “My Love Is A Bullet” and “Shake This Joint Around” take the blues and put a rockabilly twist on it that truly had the crowd jumping. We must have all looked like we were having such a great time down there that Rich just felt compelled to join us as he jumped into the crowd and started rocking out with those of us lucky enough to be up front. At the end of all this all that you can really say is “Thank You” to the British Columbians and Rich Hope for coming out and giving Vancouver all that they had.

Also have to say thank you to Leigh Eldridge for providing some amazing photos of the show that can be viewed here. We look forward to working with her again.

-Tyler Swan


~ by vanscene on January 18, 2010.

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