La Roux To Play The Commodore

Artist: La Roux

Venue: The Commodore

Date: April 18, 2010

Tickets available here.

La Roux has been taking the world by storm and well part of the world is North America, so no wonder a La Roux North American Tour has been announced. Vancouver was lucky enough to be one of only 4 Canadian cities listed on the tour. If you have been living in a box for the last 6 or so years you’ll be happy to know the 80’s are back. That’s right it’s once again cool to look as bad as you can, the more ridiculous you look the better. People are elated as they are able to pull out their red leather jackets, cans of hair spray and tights. Also the music is back, if your unsure of this fact, go ahead take a listen to La Roux. These two, Eleanor Jackson Ben Langmaid, have rivaled even Chromeo on how well they are able to recreate the 80’s in their music. Their music is influenced by 1980s synthpop including YazooErasureDepeche ModeThe Human LeagueHeaven 17, and Blancmange. Not only that but they are a re-mixers dream come true.  So if you have been out on a dance floor in the last little while, you may not have realized it but you were probably moving your tushie to La Roux and moving tushies is exactly what is going to be happening at the Commodore come April 18th. Get your tushie in gear and get on it.


~ by vanscene on February 1, 2010.

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