Two Films To Look Out For At Sundance

Ok so Kristan Stewart as a hard rockin’ chick… call me skeptical, but apparently it worked. I have yet to see the film, but early indication is that it is getting great reviews. Also starring Dakota Fanning this film mainly showcases stuff about Cherie and how her life was during The Runawaystimes. But it also shows how close her and Joan were as best friends. Kristan Stewart plays Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning takes the role of Cherie Currie. Take a quick look for yourself…

Banksy opens his “street art disaster film” by telling us about a doc filmmaker who wanted to make a film about Banksy, but who’s story was ultimately so much more interesting that Banksy made a doc about him. The “filmmaker” in question is the delightfully insane Theirry Guetta, a french poseur documentarian and thrift shopkeeper who befriends and records over ten years of the street art legends, only to reveal to everyone that he is, in fact, not a filmmaker at all. He then launches his own poseur street art career, which has a poetic and tragic ending that brings the audience back to the eternal question: “What is art?” Or Banksy invented the entire Guetta character and is fucking with us once again…as when the announcer let the audience know that Banksy “may or may not be attending the premiere.” Either way, the anonymous graffiti legend takes us through the history of the movement through his own edit of the footage shot by Theirry, while crafting a story about the Frenchman that is quite engrossing. The doc might be yet another piece of Banksy’s mindblowing oeuvre, like the graf pieces he put up in Park City on opening night, but it also reveals a side of him that has never been seen or heard before — the words from the man himself. Self-shot interviews, complete with black hoodie pulled way up and a voice distorter, provide an insight into the witty, satirical and brilliant mind of the anonymous street artist. With a killer soundtrack by Portishead’s Goeff Barrow and a truly surprising ending, it looks like Banksy will be bombing screens across the country with this, his latest piece of art.

-Aaron Raskin


~ by vanscene on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Two Films To Look Out For At Sundance”

  1. A friend of mine attended the “film art disaster” gathering known as Sundance this year; perhaps he’ll report back to me on these. Banksy’s back-and-forth with the truth of the truth is right up my alley. Disastrous (in a good sense of course).

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